The Authenticity of Cambodian Products

Discover the treasures of Cambodian lands, the richest in Southeast Asia, where nature blends with the excellence of the terroir. Thanks to exceptionally fertile soils,
our award-winning agricultural products are the result of environmentally sustainable cultivation. Our Kampot pepper plantations are particularly renowned, captivating palates from around the world. Cultivated under ideal conditions, our pepper delivers a unique taste experience, with intense aromas and a palette of complex flavors.
Let yourself be enchanted by the perfection of Cambodian lands and discover exceptional products that will delight your senses.


Unique dans le monde


In France

200 Tonnes

Annual production


ORGANIC / Certified


3 Colors,
3 Experiences...

These three peppers originate from the same seed, with each color representing a different stage of maturity.

Kampot Pepper

At first maturity, black pepper
is actually ripe green pepper
that has been dried. It has a spicy flavor with aromatic notes
of menthol and eucalyptus.
It pairs perfectly with meats, game, and cheeses.

Kampot Pepper

The green pepper turns red
when it is fully ripe. The seed
is richer in sugar
and is distinguished by its ,
but still retains its spiciness.
The ideal companion for desserts, chocolates and as a seasoning.

White Kampot Pepper

Without its red husk, white pepper reveals its extraordinary
notes of fresh herbs and citrus, characteristic of this pepper.
It delicately perfumes your fish, seafood, and sauce.


In Cambodia, in the province of Kampot

By choosing Kampot pepper, DEÏ ensures <br/>an ethical and responsible choice while savoring an exceptional quality product. Purchasing Kampot pepper helps support small local farmers and the Cambodian economy.


The only pepper labeled in the world

A product of exceptional quality from an exceptional terroir… The Kampot pepper, of undeniable quality,
is recognized by the European Union.
It obtained a Protected Geographical Indication (PGI) in 2010 and then a Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) in 2016, making it the only pepper in the world with such a label.
Logos appellation

An Exceptional Terroir

The region of Kampot benefits from an exceptional geographical location between mountains and sea, providing ideal conditions to produce an exceptional pepper…



DEÏ offers an experience based on simplicity
and flavor. We strive to exclusively offer the best,
to take your taste buds on a journey
with our Kampot pepper sourced from
our family plantation.
Available in 3 colors,
it will delicately enhance all your dishes, the first
of a prestigious selection of products.

The star product of Cambodia

Kampot Pepper

Treasure of the Kingdom and production from
the family plantation. This pepper is considered
by Western chefs as the best pepper in the world.

Rare, its production amounts to only 200 tons
per year compared to a global production of pepper of 300,000 tons. Unrecognized for a while
as it disappeared, this pepper
is just waiting to be promoted… In 1975,
the cultivation of the product completely disappeared with the arrival of the Khmer Rouge; the land was converted into rice fields during
this regime.

During that time, 8,000 tonnes of pepper were produced annually, and the spice was being exported worldwide. After the war, the cultivation of Kampot Pepper gradually revived and began
to gain recognition.

the plantation

The Culture in a Few Words

Pepper is derived from the vine Piper nigrum
of the Piperaceae family, historically native
to the Malabar Coast.

As a tropical plant, it requires a warm and humid climate to thrive, and its cultivation is done through the grafting of two varieties.

A strict specification defined by the KPPA
(Kampot Pepper Promotion Association) precisely outlines the cultivation process, particularly regarding the use of exclusively natural fertilizers. All operations, including harvesting, drying, sorting, and cleaning, are done manually.

The products of the brand are all derived from organic agriculture.

Packaged in France

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All products of the brand are packaged within mainland France