Our Commitments

The actions that we commit
to carry out

At Deï, we are committed to offering superior quality products that are environmentally friendly and respectful of local culture. We listen to our customers and work with local producers to ensure fair sourcing. We take pride in showcasing our dual culture through our brands and products.

The Best of Earth for a better Earth





Research & Developement

Research and development work is conducted at the Greenlab in collaboration with researchers from Sciences Sorbonne University. The objective is to create a true “identity card” for our products and find solutions to sustainably support their production.


Deï joins forces with the best by developing products with industry experts such as chefs, master artisans, and Best Craftsman of France winners. Stay tuned for upcoming products born from these exciting collaborations.


Treasures of Cambodia

There are many treasures in Cambodia besides Kampot Pepper. Equally unknown, the Kampong Speu PGI Palm Blossom Sugar and the Phka Malis rice, which has been voted the best rice in the world five times in the past decade, are waiting to be brought into the spotlight.

Deï is committed to promoting these products worldwide in order to contribute to the country’s economic development. The goal is to create and develop the industry in Cambodia, enabling the exportation of these various products.

Deï will then participate in ensuring a better income for the producers.



DEÏ is committed to supporting KEP CHILDREN, an NGO that works daily to support underprivileged families by providing education for their children. This association was founded in 2012 by Anne-Sophie Grasset and her late husband, Khet Chem, and is located near the family plantation.

Education represents one of the greatest treasures for DEÏ, and it is from this shared set of values that the partnership was born.


Because Deï is committed to the end, during the initial stages, the brand’s products were received, stored, and packaged at a site employing people with disabilities.